The Eventwise platform gives you total control and efficient way to manage your events

Budgeting & Scenerios

  • Create multiple different scenarios.
  • Create different ticket types, prices, and allocations.
  • Ask budget holders to make estimates on scenarios.
  • Compare different scenarios to budgets.
  • Compare different scenarios against live data throughout the event cycle.

Multiple Events

  • Create multiple event budgets within the organisation
  • Use previous events as a template for new events
  • Easily compare multiple events
  • Extensive reports to compare multiple events.

Ticket Counts & Revenue Management

  • Automatic ticket counts from selected ticket outlets.
  • Easily upload bulk ticket counts
  • Create multiple ticket targets to keep on top of current ticket sales.
  • Create sales invoices within Eventwise.
  • Analyse all sales for each event and chase all debtors.

Company Management

  • Xero accounting software integration
  • The entire team works from one cloud software.
  • Approval matric for budget, purchase orders, and payruns.
  • Add team to different events, departments, and subcategories

Purchase Orders & Payruns

  • Purchase Order creation
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Automatically generate payruns within Eventwise
  • Payruns Approval

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