The Eventwise Story

I’m Chris, the Founder and CEO of Eventwise, and lover of all things festival-related.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you my personal journey within the music industry, as well as introduce you to an exciting venture that the Eventwise team is on the verge of launching.

My journey  into the world of events began during my time in Bristol, running a sweaty student night called Bed at Bunker. The packed venue and hustle of networking, flyering, and postering ignited my passion for the industry. However, the defining moment came whilst attending a music festival after university, where I had an epiphany – recognising the pivotal role that business and accounting play in the realm of music and events.

This newfound interest propelled me to offer my expertise to prominent DJs and artists within the music industry, paving the way for the inception of Eventwise. 

We’ve grown tremendously, providing hundreds of event businesses with budgeting, bookkeeping, and accounting services. 

Now, we’re taking it to the next level with a custom-built SaaS platform—a one-stop-shop for financial management, guiding organisers with cost-control, accuracy, and efficiency to slash costs and save thousands.
 This revolutionary platform serves as an all-encompassing financial management solution, seamlessly integrating budgeting, forecasting, stakeholder management, approvals, and accounting.

Our vision for this game-changing platform is simple yet profound – to empower organisers with unwavering cost-control, accuracy, and unmatched efficiency. The result? The ability to drastically reduce costs and potentially save thousands in the process. After three years of dedicated development, we are on the brink of unveiling our cutting-edge platform with you.

Looking back on our journey thus far, I couldn’t be prouder of what Eventwise has achieved. Yet, I’m equally excited about the uncharted territories that lie ahead. 

That’s a glimpse into my story and Eventwise and I’m genuinely thrilled to forge new connections, learn about your unique journeys, and together, make the events landscape an even more vibrant and successful one.

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